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  1. Ambition to do the right is the only ambition that counts.
  2. A bad habit is like a bad tooth. Have it out.
  3. The effort of body balance develops mental balance.
  4. Life without an appreciation of beauty is a dull day without sunshine.
  5. Books are the best friends a man can have.
  6. Knowledge without character is mere pic crust.
  7. Character has more value than any other attribute in life.
  8. A difficulty coases to be a difficulty as soon as you smile at it and tackle it.
  9. “Laugh while you work”.
  10. Good humor is as catching as measles.
  11. “ A good dose of laughing is to me like a bath for the brain.
  12. “A mile is a secret key that unlocks many hearts”.
  13. You should always try to rely on yourself and not on what others can do for you addle your own canoe. “
  14. Cleanliness is next to Godliness.
  15. It doesn’t matter how poor you are, you can at least be clean and tidy. It doesn’t cost you any more.
  16. Do your duty, and you will get your rights afterwards.
  17. In doing your duty to God always be grateful to him. Whenever you enjoy a pleasure or good game, or succeed in doing a good things, than for it, if only with a word or two just as you say grace at a meal.
  18. Do your good turn only to your friends, but to strangers and even to your enemies.
  19. Good will is God’s will.
  20. The only true success is happiness.
  21. A man with hobbies never has time to waste.
  22. ”My Country before My self” should be your aim.
  23. Leadership through personal touch is the keynote of our success in the movement.
  24. The character of the National depends on the individual character of its members.
  25. Aim is to give equal chances to all and to give the most help to the least fortunate.
  26. God has been good to you, it is your business to do something for God in return that is your duty to God.
  27. Plan your work- Then work your Plan, The man who makes no plan, makes no progress in life.
  28. Opprtunity is a bus which has very few stopping places.
  29. Train your children through love rather than through fear.
  30. We have no military aim or practice in our Movement.
  31. “ I pray that every home in India may have children trained like Scouts” – Mahatma Gandhi.
  32. “ I think the Scouts and Guides are excellent Material and the more they expand the Better for the Country”. – Jawaharlal Nehru.
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