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Open A Unit ( Scout / Guide):

It is hoped that you have read Founders immortal books Scouting for Boys and Aids to Scoutmaster ship and are also familiar with the latest A.P.R.O and The Rules of the Bharat Scouts and Guides. It is not, in the course of time, you must read them as these are the rules of the game of scouting.

The troop is the basic unit for boys of age group 10+ to 17 years. It consists of a maximum of four patrols of 6 to 8 Students each. The troop is headed by a Scout Master/Guide Captain/Flock Leader/Rover Scout Leader/Ranger Leader who is helped by one more Assistant. Each Patrol has a Patrol Leader and a Second from among themselves to lead patrol. This forms the over all structure of the Troop.


As a prospective Scoutmaster/Guide Captain you may be lucky to join an already running troop/Company. If not you will like to start one of your own. There are generally two ways of doing it:

a)    Choose six to eight boys/girls of age 13-15 or so , who are known to you and who may be able to give leadership quality for Pravesh badge and keep on training them till they qualify for Pratham Sopan, Dwitiya Sopan and Tritiya Sopan Badges. When they qualify for Pratham Sopan, let them select and enroll 6 to 8 boys of them as Patrol Leaders and two of them seconds. Now three or four Patrols get organized thus giving birth to the Scout Troop.

This is how Scouting originated in or around 1907.

Another way, which happens to be the most common practice these days, is to issue a notice or to talk to a group of boys and girls about Scouting/Guiding and enroll 24 to 32 of them who volunteer. Organize them into Patrols of equal number with nearly equivalent distribution of talent, strength, height and age etc, let the patrols elect, their own, patrol leaders or you as the scoutmaster may appoint them temporarily keeping in view their seniority in age and merit in Scouting and Guiding.

Organize Troop meetings at least once a week and give the boys games and interesting programmes including training in Scout craft. Make use of the Scouting for Boys a best as you can. Apply for registration of your troop with the District association of your area on proper forms along with the required registration fees etc. soon you will get the character or Recognition from the State Headquarters.

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