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How to Run a Unit ?

Lord Baden Powell clearly said that system is not one of the methods of Scouting but it is the only method in Scouting and Guiding. So be careful to use Patrol System all the time, your Patrol Leaders should always be ahead of all the other members in the Patrol in Scout & Guide Craft and should lead their Patrols in games and other such activities. For this purpose conduct Patrol Leader’s meet (Second can also be included) once in a week or at least once in two weeks to give training in advance. This can also be done at the end of court – of – honor. Patrols must have their regular meetings.

You must plan the programmes of your troop meetings in advance keeping in view the progressive advancement of the members scout craft. The interests and aptitude of the boys must be taken care of. These meetings should cater to the diverse individual tastes. Atypical programme will (almost) be as follows:

Time in Minutes Items of the Programme
5 Assemble, Scout Prayer, Flag break, Salute, Flag Song,Inspection.
10 Orderly Movements, Vigorous Games etc.
15 Patrol work – knots, lashings, first aid etc.
15 Games – Circle or running.
15 troop Instruction by Scout Master-Story telling followed by game
15 Test Games, Inter – Patrol Competitions etc.
10 Singsong, play acting. Role Playing Letting off Steam games etc.
5 Announcements. Short Prayer, Flag down, Dismissal.


The Guides Programme conduct only 45 Minutes.


This is a suggested 90- minutes Programme. You may develop your own as per your needs keeping variety in view let your court of honor meet and plan the unit activities. You must have a suitable and capable person as your Assistant. Uniform should not be made compulsory in the beginning. Make your programmes in such a way that the boys get encourages to wear their uniforms. Poor boys/Girls need to be helped by the Group Committee.


Troop/Guide Company must have a fund contributed, earned and collected by Scouts/Guides. Troop/Company must have a treasurer out of Patrol Leaders or one of the ASM’s/AGC’s to keep proper accounts. Scout Den is an ideal Proposition for every Scout Troop/Guide Company. It is used as Club Room, Store and Meeting Place. A room garage, hut or shed will do for it.


Whenever your scout qualify for any badge get them quickly from the District Association and award it. You must get yours as well as your Assistant warrants from the State Headquarters through the District Association.


You should hold separate meetings for your Patrol Leaders to keep them ahead for the Scouts. You should also maintain a close contact with the parents of your scouts and enlist their cooperation as and when needed as instructors, examiners, judges etc. invite them to visit the Unit meetings, Unit camps or such programmes. Read and reread occasionally the Scouting for Boys and A P R O etc. Contribute to Scout and Guide Magazine and keep in close touch with the District Association so that your Scouts/Guides/Rovers/Rangers get examined properly and as a Unit can join district level or State level activities as and when they are held.


Keep a troop logbook for recording activities and achievements. Enrolment progress and passing out records of the scouts are must. Stock Register and Cash book should be maintained properly. These Troop/Guide Company Records are very much essential.


Join the local Scout Masters/Guide Captains/Ranger Leaders Forum if any and try to gain from others experiences (Training Counselor, DOC, DTC, ADC, DC etc) and tell them yours so that Scouting/Guiding in the area grows collectively.

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